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In, the accumulated contribution of former Appalachian students employed in the North Carolina workforce amounted to 1. 4 billion in added state income to the North Carolina economy, which is equivalent to creating 23, 372 new jobs.To graduate with honors in psychology, a student must be recommended by the departmental honors committee and meet the criteria for such consideration: a minimum overall GPA of 3. 45; a minimum GPA of 3. 5 in psychology courses; and successful completion of the honors sequence. honors classes app state

The Department of Computer Science maintains an honors track to provide highlymotivated and academically outstanding students the opportunity to study with likeminded peers and to conduct independent research that results in a senior honors

honors classes app

Students may substitute one Criminal Justice honors course (maximum three hours) in the place of a Political Science honors course with the approval of the Honors Director (the substituted class will count in the GPA calculation). Sophomore Honors Topics in American Civilization to 1876 (3). F. A study of topics in American history through post Civil War reconstruction. Enrollment by invitation of the department or application.honors classes app state Appalachian State University. Search: Home Programs of Study By Department or Program Programs of Study Honors College. Resources. Bulletins

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To graduate with honors in French, a student must take 9 semester hours of honors courses in the department, including the senior honors thesis, FRE 4510. To graduate with honors in Spanish, a student must take 9 semester hours of honors courses in the department, including the senior honors thesis, SNH 4510. honors classes app state The final step towards graduating with honors in mathematics is completing a senior honors thesis. In order to register for the senior honors thesis course (3 credit hours) you must have already completed at least one Junior honors seminar and your mathematical sciences GPA must be at least 3. 45. New Honors Students meet Charles Dickens. During the eight App State Summer Orientation sessions this past June, we were (and are) thrilled to welcome into the Honors College 122 extraordinary new Honors students from nearly every corner of North Carolina and many other states.